Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Going Once, Going Twice

This quilt is up for auction next week.  It is dated 1886 from Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Hand stitched Album Quilt

No, I'm not going to bid.  By the time I add the buyer's premium, wire transfer fees, the dollar exchange rate and freight to Australia I would have a tough time justifying it to my spouse.

However I did buy one (or maybe two) other quilts online recently.

My first purchase arrived today.  From Texas, dates of 1931 and 1939, and lots of names to explore.  Can't wait to hit Ancestry.com and see who I have.


  1. These blocks are very similar to those documented in Marcia Kaylakie's 'Texas Quilts and Quilters.' They were from West TX and she did a genie search of cemeteries, newspapers, web, etc. She located Ralls, TX and visited to see if anyone knew the names, and many relatives turned up to share their stories. Two other almost identical quilts were brought in, with many of the same signatures. Happy hunting!

    1. This is my first set of blocks from Texas. I have quilts from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington but I don't know a lot about Texas places - not yet anyway!


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