Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sampler Quilts

I was visiting Pinterest and typed in" friendship", "quilt" and "antique" (as you do).  Scrolling down the page I came across these two quilts, no information supplied.

Both quilts have similar blocks, for example the school house in the middle.  One of them I really like and the other ... well, it's just not what I look for in a sampler quilt.  I wonder if you feel the same.  Before you see my answer, look and them both and decide which one is your favourite.

 Now you can scroll down.

Quilt Number 1

Quilt Number 2

For me, Quilt Number 1 is the winner.  Quilt 2 is definitely made out of square blocks while in Quilt 1 the blocks appear to float, the edges aren't well defined because the light background fabric flows from one block to the next.

Quilt 1 looks a bit like my Ohio quilt I shared in July's post.

In fact, it looks a little like the CCCQ.

Hmm, I can see a theme here.

I was very pleased to see the new post on Barbara Brackman's Material Culture blog, it's all about sampler quilts too.  Her blog is always worth a look.


  1. I agree Quilt 1 looks more harmonious. If the quilter had grouped the blocks into colours and made them into separate quilts they would look better than in Quilt 2. EG. there are quite a few blue and white blocks which would have made a nice quilt without the clash of other colours. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Quilt #1 reminds me of the Just Takes Two red and white quilt from a couple of years ago.

  3. I also much prefer the first quilt but would have trouble saying exactly why... I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it is because the blocks float without edges defined - exactly! It also has more harmonious colours.


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