Thursday, June 5, 2014

Those Odd Botanicals

Block 22 is another one of the 'odd botanicals' in the Chester Criswell Quilt.

Jesse Jackson Smith CCCQ Block 22

Block 5 was the Crazy Nasturtiums block.

James Carlile CCCQ Block 5

This block is yet to be numbered, it has ivy leaves, daffodils and carnations.

Maria Criswell CCCQ

Other blocks in the quilt have the symmetric, stylised flowers and leaves that you find on other quilts from the 1850s.  These three blocks pictured have all been cut from a single piece of fabric; the leaves and stems have not been cut as separate pieces.  Crazy Nasturtiums is an exception - the large piece of material has been 'made' by piecing smaller bits together, and then the whole pattern was cut out - the joins are all in unusual places.

The patterns look like dried pressed flower arrangements.  I can imagine the seamstress putting a sheet of tracing paper over the pressed flowers, tracing around the whole arrangement and then cutting out the paper pattern.  My other thought is that the designs may be a silhouette, with the shadow from a floral arrangment traced onto paper.

Have you seen blocks like these in other quilts?  Do you have blocks like these in your own collections?  I would like to find examples in other quilts, if you can share some photos or some links I will follow them up in another posting.

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  1. These deride flower blocks are very interesting. I've never seen anything like them, hopefully someone else has


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