Saturday, December 21, 2013

Almost Christmas

Isn't it good when you get a chance to work on an idea that has been buzzing around in your brain.  

Summer Tulips

I have been wanting to make some six inch blocks based on the Chester Criswell patterns.  This is the first one.  I've used the small flower pattern from Block 14 and added some cheddar too.  I like the colours but I like just red and white too.  I'm not sure which colour scheme to continue with for the next blocks.

It's three sleeps until Christmas and I am looking forward to Christmas afternoon.  After church we will be driving to our Christmas rendezvous. No cooking for me, hooray!  We have three grandchildren and one more on the way so Christmas is a great time to be with family.  

Hope your holiday plans are just what you ordered.  See you in the New Year.


  1. Happy coincidence - I have just finished Block #14 but my tulips are dancing :) I love how you have used cheddar in this 6" block.

  2. Very cute block. We will spend Christmas with the grandchildren too. It’s so much fun to see them on Christmas morning.

  3. Love your new block.

    Merry Christmas Sharon!


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