Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photos of Mary Wilson's Block 14

Have you finished Block #14?  If you have we would all like some show and tell.

Block 14 Mary Wilson

I was working on this block while DH and I were away on a short holiday break.  Whenever I see it I think of the beach we walked along and the lovely bed and breakfast accommodation (complete with sauna and massage).  This block makes me smile.

Do you make associations with quilts you are working on?  I know a lot of women take hand sewing along while waiting for children's swimming lessons or sporting activities; some women are sewing in hospitals or sickrooms.  How does the context of your stitching make you feel about your finished project?

If you have posted about Block #14 just follow the instructions below.  If you haven't a blog you can send me your photo and I'll add it here.

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  1. I have a scrappy hand pieced quilt that I brought with me whenever I took my husband to physical therapy after his back surgery. It's quilting now and he's doing better.


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