Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Block 6 Reuben Stubbs

The pattern for Block 6 was sent out through cyberspace this week, so The First Year is halfway done!  I hear from a few people who are keeping up with the blocks, how are you fairing?

Reuben Stubbs, Peach Bottom
I've chosen Reuben's story to go along with this block.  Can you see that it's the top left hand corner of the original quilt?  Reuben was a Quaker and is recorded as a conscientious objector in the American Civil War.  I love the name 'Peach Bottom'. I've tried to find our what 'bottom' means in a place name, but you can't Google 'what does bottom mean?'

There are two more blocks in the quilt made from the same pattern.

Ellen Cummins, West Philadelphia
Humphrey Hood, West Philadelphia

Here the applique is made from a single fabric and the design is slightly stretched.  I can't find any information about Ellen or Humphrey.  Who knows, Humphrey Hood could be the name of Ellen's cat!

Martha Watkins, West Philadelphia

Martha's block is at right angles to Ellen's block.  The strongly striped fabric is an interesting choice for this applique pattern, I like the floral in Ellen's block better.

If you haven't started the Chester Criswell Quilt you can join in at any time.  You don't have to sign up for the whole year, each pattern is available separately.  You can find all the pattern  here at .


  1. I'm from Iowa, and here we use "bottom" in connection with a place to mean an area near a river, creek, stream, etc though it can mean a flat area at the bottom of a hill.

  2. I'm in NC. Bottom here means a low place, usually along a small creek branch. A bottom is where the fog hangs when its nowhere else. Ever been driving on a country roadand hit a small patch of fog? That's a bottom, bet there's water nearby. Love the name "Peach Bottom"!

  3. You can however, ask Wikipedia what 'bottom means'. See the second-last entry under 'Geography'.

  4. I think everyone's going to love the name Peach Bottom. I might try and find some peachy coloured fabric to match the name. I'm going well with the quilt, only one block behind as I skipped over #4.

  5. I have just looked it up too and it means a valley without a stream. May be Anglo Saxon. I also found a little snippet that said Peach Bottom is located on the East bank of the Susquehanna River and got its name in 1815 from a peach orchard owned by a settler named John Kirk. Does any of that help you Sharon. I found it on google. A history of Pennsylvania's funny place names.

  6. Barb G from Chester County writes:

    If you put "Peach Bottom,Pennsylvania" into Wikipedia you will find historical information about Peach Bottom from the 1800s. Wakefield Quaker Meetinghouse is about 1/2 mile from the current day Peach Bottom Post Office in southern Lancaster County.


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