Thursday, November 22, 2012

Photos of Nancy Smith's Block

Hey!  The blog has reached 12,000 hits this week, thank you for your clicks and comments.  How do we ever get our quilting done when blogland is so time consuming!

James and Nancy Smith's home in East Nottingham
is in the lower left hand corner of the Chester County map.

I hope you have enjoyed Nancy's block.  If you have photos of the block on your blog you can add a link below to your post.  If you use Flickr you can add your photos there as well.

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  1. Wow - congratulations on reaching 12,000 hits! For me, the time spent blogging gets balanced out with the inspiration and motivation to create.

  2. Barb says,

    Congratulations on your hits. I have a question about the wonderful map. Is it a map you own, or is it an image you found on line somewhere. If on-line, can you share the site so I can see if there are other Chester County maps. The copy I have of my township is later than this one, which is why I find this one so cool. Thanks.

    Barb in southeastern PA

    1. The map is from They have all sorts of resources (if you know where to look!)


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