Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Colorado Quilt from the Kansas City Star

 After twelve months of Nancy Cabot patchwork designs with exaggerated superlative descriptions it is a change to get back to the basics of the quilt blocks from the Kansas City Star.



A Northwestern Kansas woman, Mrs. Pearl Bacon of Achilles, has given us this design as a friendly token to the state on Kansas's western boundary line.  It is well adapted to sharp contracts (contrast?) between very dark and light pieces.  The creator of the pattern used unbleached muslin for her light blocks.  Any light 1-tone material and prints would be attractive combinations.

Weekly Kansas City Star January 8, 1941



I made my sample with 16 half square triangles.  You can make a lot of blocks with 16 half square triangles.

Pieced Star   Famous Features

Anna's Choice   Kansas City Star


Yankee Puzzle   Ladies' Art Company

Margaret's Choice   Hearth and Home

Flyfoot   Ruth Finley

Mosaic #17   Ladies' Art Company

Chisholm Trail   Kansas City Star

I'm not a fan of half square triangles but they are extremely useful things.

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