Friday, April 22, 2016

Duck, Duck ... Brown Goose

Do you remember this signature quilt?  It's my second favourite antique quilt and it was featured in an article in Down Under Quilts in 2013.

Malaga, Washington 1937

It has been a bit neglected but I have returned to the documentation of the blocks and the women who made the quilt in 1937. I have unearthed some more fascinating material about the quiltmakers and their families (but it's a bit of a secret still).

I have also been researching the block patterns.  Last week's search was for the name of this block.

Gussie Herr's block

My block

I tried all my books and BlockBase; the closest name I found was Brown Goose.

Brown Goose or Double Z

It doesn't look the same, does it?  But just turn around the corner half square triangles and the blocks are the same.  I don't think Brown Goose suits my blocks so I have called them Hourglass Star.

Last week's CCCQ Revisited block was Block 18 Mary McKissick and this week's is Block 28 Mary McDowell.

Mary McKissisk

Mary McDowell

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Stash Sale and How About an E-Book

What are you doing next Sunday?  Our patchwork group is having a sale.

We all have stashes and we thought it would be a good idea to clear out our cupboards and try to sell/swap/giveaway some of our no-longer-needed fabric.  The idea has grown like Topsy - there will be twenty-six tables of quilting goodies, included stock from some quilt shops that are no longer trading.  Bring your husbands too; they can go to the Sunday Variety Market while you spend some time with our tempting tables.

I will be in attendance with I Spy fabrics from the Two Bits Patches website. and I still have some Twisted Stitcher Quilt Block socks as well.

In one of the Facebook quilting groups this week the topci of quilting e-books came up.  Do people buy e-books about quilting, the question asked.  Yes, was the answer, lots of people favour e-books because of price and space limitations.  Some folks try out the e-book first and then buy a print book if they like it.  Both Kindle and pdf books are good - Kindle is easy to download if you have a Kindle, and pdf files are usful because you can read them on any device.

I was very pleased to follow the conversation, because I offer my e-book as both a Kindle book on Amazon and a pdf e-book from my website.

You can get it as a Kindle book at Amazon.

Or you can download as a pdf from Two Bits Patches.

This week's Revisited CCCQ is Block 5, the Crazy Nasturtiums.  So you can read about it in the e-book or go ahead and make it from the pattern.

Or you can come to our stash sale and just say hello - I'd love to meet you.