Monday, March 31, 2014

Antique Blocks and Tops

Linda and Bev organised an antique show and tell at Quilts in the Barn and I was fortunate enough to get an invitation.  The theme was antique quilt tops and blocks and there were so many delightful things to see.

 There were antique quilt tops and blocks for sale.

 This quiltmaker got better as she went along.  Some blocks fit together better than others.

There were two large trestles set up to keep the display moving along.  Everyone would be gathered around one table; then someone would say, Look at this one! and we all ran to the other table.

I showed a few of my orphan blocks.

Miriam from Yellow Roses brought along her CCCQ blocks.  Mine are on the left and Miriam's are on the right.  We were quite please with our efforts.

Miriam brought along another three projects she is working on.  I am tempted by these Noah and Matilda blocks.  If you are tempted too, the patterns are on Dawn's blog Collector with a Needle.

Another one of Miriam's.

And Miriam's finished Morell quilt.  It has come up beautifully.

By the end of the afternoon our heads were spinning with quilts and talk and good food. It was a great day, thank you Linda and Bev.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photos of Block 19 Emily Carlile

I was searching through the photos that have been used on the blog already.  It is interesting how these three patterns are similar in form and colour but the patterns are all different.

Block 19 Emily Carlile

Block 2 Elizabeth Cowan

Block 6 Reuben Stubbs

I was also searching through to find some clues about the next few block makers.  I was fortunate to find a family tree that showed that two of the block makers were cousins, and some of my surnames seemed to be attached as well.  A signature quilt is like a family tree.  The big difference is that with the quilt you already have all the names, but none of the relationships.

Have you finished Block 19?  If you have your can share a blog post below.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Work in Progress Eye Candy

Kathleen from Connecticut sent a photo of her nine CCCQ blocks.

Well, it's actually a photo of seven Chester Criswell blocks and two Kathleen blocks.  Can you pick the two that she's designed herself? I do like the way the green elements balance the whole set. 

I finished quilting my Block 16. I love the feel of the quilted block.  The applique block itself is nice to look at but the quilted block is nice to hold.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Block of the Month Number 19

Block 19 is on the website now.

Block 19 Emily Carlile

If you are receiving the blocks each month you will have your pattern now.  The pattern is fine but there is a mistake in the story (sigh).  The second sentence should read:
Aunt Margaret wasn't well, wrote Maria, and the springtime farm work was keeping Maria busy.
I put Maria and Margaret's names back to front.  They were sisters, it probably happened all the time.

If you don't have the pattern and would like one, visit the Two Bits Patches website and get a copy for yourself.