Thursday, October 19, 2017

What I'm Working On - circa 1888

I have recently finished hand quilting the first quarter of this lovely.

I have drafted the blocks from my Ohio quilt, probably made in the late 1880s. Isn't the scalloped border great?

I don't know for sure that it is from Ohio, but the patterns and colours have suggested Ohio.  And I come from Ohio so we're a match.

Peonies.  The 19th green material has faded to tan, the original would have been just as bright as this.

Mariners' Compass ... sort of.  This compass only points in six directions (but Ohio isn't very near the sea).

Four tulips.  The double pink isn't really 1880s, the original quilt has some much older material pieces.

Love apple, with a quilted tulip borrowed from the previous block.