Thursday, June 25, 2015

Free Pattern ~ Kangaroo Jo

Some habits are hard to break.  I have been sending out patterns every month for the past three years and now it's hard to stop. . .

So here is a new pattern and it's FREE.

Kangaroo Jo and a Shoo Fly Fence

Our town has a local museum which occupies one of the old bank buildings.

(Can you see the band hall to the right of the museum?  That's where I am on Monday evenings, playing percussion in a brass band.)

The doors of the museum/bank are guarded by a pair of kangaroos.

I have been wanting to turn a kangaroo into a quilt block for a while.  When I finished the final Chester Criswell quilt block I realised that now was my chance.  I added a Shoo Fly border.  If you have ever been to Australia you will know why I choose this traditional block; in the USA shoo fly is a lovely pie made with molasses and brown sugar, in Australia shoo fly is what we do all through the summer months.

The block is quick and quirky.  To download a copy for yourself go to Two Bits Patches site by clicking
Follow the prompts - you will need to go through the checkout but there is no charge for the pattern.

I hope you enjoy the block, and you know we love to see your photos.