Tuesday, March 24, 2020

1st Trimester

The pattern-a-day from the Kansas City Star collection is going strong, we're up to Day 84 The Old Fashioned Goblet. You can see the patterns on my Facebook page.

I have been asked by a few followers if I am making every block.  Wish I could but as I think, I'd like to make this one, I go ahead and do it.

Here are my blocks from January, February and March.

From top to bottom, left to right:

Silver and Gold   January 7, 1931
Spider Web   January 23, 1929
The Rambler   January 2, 1929

Squares and Triangles   January 5, 1955
Amethyst   February 11, 1931  

Coffee Cups   January 6, 1935
Water Glass   March 14, 1934
The Spool Quilt   March 17, 1937 

The "T" Quilt Pattern   February 1, 1939
The Cat's Cradle   February 28, 1934
Rising Sun   February 6, 1929

I haven't actually made all of these in the last months, some blocks I already had in my Sample Block box.  For example, I made Rising Sun on my holidays twelve months ago.  I was at Narooma, New South Wales and looking at the block reminds of that time.  I am supposed to be back in Narooma right now for holidays, but since the world turned upside down that didn't happen.

These are not all the blocks I have made in the last months.  I have more that are going into a different setting but they are not quite ready for release yet.  I'll get on to them next.

Stay safe everyone.