Sunday, August 20, 2023

Quilt Sew-a-Long 1930s Style

 I am preparing to run a Block of the Week sew-a-long and I would love you to join me!



What's involved?  

The sew-a-long is based on traditional blocks from the 1930s. Everyone is familiar with the Kansas City Star newspaper that printed a patchwork pattern every week. The KC Star was certainly the first and the longest running pattern publisher, but did you know that there were dozens of syndicated columns with hundreds of newspapers also publishing patterns?  That is the inspiration for this sew-a-long.

 Each 6-inch block will be accompanied by some historic information, a picture of the original pattern from the newspapers of the 1930s, and a pattern with basic instructions.  The blocks can all be made with rotary cutting and a sewing machine.  Although the theme is 1930s you can use any combination of cotton prints that you like.  Start with your stash, you may not need to buy any material at all!

This is the suggested layout for the finished quilt.  It's a small quilt, 46 by 52 inches, so it's great as a lap rug for a favorite person.  

an artist's impression  

How does it work?

There will be 30 different blocks in all.  You will receive by email two blocks each week starting September 1st 2023, so the sew-a-long will run until the middle of December.  You can share your progress via Instagram if you wish.  

There is no charge for the sew-a-long.  However, if you  wish to make a contribution to the costs involved you will have the chance to donate when you sign up with your email.


Where do I join?

Right here.  You will need to signup with your email address, just click on the link.


Take me to the signup form 


Any questions?  Either comment below or try my new email



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