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We Have Both Kinds - Pieced and Applique Quilts

 The following helpful advice was published in September 1934.


Pieced and Applique Patchwork Quilts 

and Patterns for Both Types


A handsome new pieced patchwork quilt in pavement pattern.


In prospect of cold wintry weather, the homemaker begins preparations for comfort.  To keep warm whether in bed or out is essential, so downy covers are important as well as sufficient fuel.  It is when the temperature of the house is lowered at night and windows are open for proper circulation of fresh air that blankets and quilt are in demand.  To meet this I am suggesting homemade quilts as both delightfully ornamental and satisfactorily comfortable.  Indeed, one of the old-time names for these wadded and quilted patchwork covers was a “comfortable.”  What has an especial appeal about these quilts to homemakers in this day of reduced incomes is that they can be as cheap as they are handsome and comfortable.


Pieced Patchwork.

The entire surface of a quilt need cost not a farthing.  It can be pieced from bits of discarded frocks and other textiles into a cover of artistic beauty.  There must be a design worthy of the work.  Also there must be a pleasing arrangement of colors to harmonize with the requirements of the pattern and to set each other off advantageously.  If good-size pieces of material can be had, a large design is recommended.  If pieces are rather small, a finer-pieced pattern should be selected.


New Cloth From Old.

In pieced patchwork an entirely new section of cloth is formed, not by loom weaving, but by deft sewing of parts of many other textiles together.  If one has left-overs and discarded goods and no new material has to be bought, it is easy to see that the top of the quilt known as the surface requires no outlay.  Old quilts of this sort and some modern ones give evidence that these surfaces can be of genuine beauty.


Applique Patchwork.

There is also the applique patchwork quilt which has a foundation surface on which patches of material are sewed according to a pattern.  If one has the material for these patches, the one needed expense is the foundation.  Beware of having this coarse and of poor quality as it immediately proclaims it as a cheap quilt, although the design may be developed in high-grade textiles.  I have seen an intricate design appliqued to a flimsy quality of unbleached cotton cloth and the entire quilt was really worthless.  Put good pieces on a good foundation.  Don’t waste energy on material lacking in durability.


Pattern Important.

Designs are of utmost importance since they supply the decoration and the artistic appeal.  Those who would make a patchwork quilt either of pieced surface or of applique patchwork the following pattern are available for self-addressed, stamped (3-cent) envelope and the price stated.  Direct requests to Lydia Le Baron Walker care of this paper.  Those in pieced work can be done in applique if preferred.


Patterns and Prices.

Full size units for each pattern and full directions, and also a picture of the completed motif come on each pattern sheet.

Bed of Roses, 10 cents.

Tree and Truth, 10 cents.

Washington Pavement, 10 cents.

Hearts United, 10 cents.

Cherry Tree, 10 cents.

Chinese Canton pattern, two designs, each 10 cents or both for 15 cents. 


from the St. Joseph Gazette; St. Joseph, Missouri    24 September, 1934


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