Monday, March 25, 2019

Rising Sun for a Brand New Day

This is my recently finished Rising Sun block.

The Kansas City Star reminds the reader that "it is rather an intricate pattern, but will not daunt the quilter who aspires to a design that is both lovely and unusual."  It certainly was a challenge.  This block is pieced by hand using the English Paper Piecing method (over cut out papers).

I have made it before as an applique block.  Also a challenge, I'm not sure which method was easier.

That is all the quilty bits for this post.  You don't have to read any more but if you are one of my invisible friends you may want to continue.

I prepped the Rising Sun block so I could take it with me on holidays.  Our favourite holidays always involve beaches.

Moruya Heads, New South Wales

This was a special holiday because it celebrated the sale of our family business. I am now retired - more or less. I will still be looking for part time or casual work but I will no longer be in a shop six days a week - what a relief! 

It also means more time for quilts, both sewing and researching.  I have quite a few projects planned.  The only question now is - what do I do first?!


  1. lovely block, especially like the colours you have used. Congrats on your retirement!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement. Maybe you will find time to come to Canada.

    1. I've been to Niagara Falls twice, that's the limit of my Canada experience. I'd love to see more.

  3. I have tried at least two methods to make the Rising Sun block and neither worked all that well. Yours looks very good.

    1. It's not easy is it? I'm glad I only made one block, I don't think I could manage a whole quilt-full.


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